‘Project Smile’ powered by HP Indigo

The spread of Covid-19 has been an unprecedented phenomenon and in its wake has brought fears, phobias, uncertainty as well as some innovative responses. In such a highly infectious disease, the first challenge was for the responders and their safety. Doctors, nurses, support staff in hospitals are at the highest risk while treating patients. Hence, adequate protection had to be provided in the form of PPE suits.

Next challenge was for the patients who were quarantined from their surroundings, loved ones and at the mercy of strange looking robots treating them. The feeling of isolation added to their misery as it was well nigh impossible to make conversation through PPEs or even know who was treating them.

To overcome this chasm, and provide psychological relief, ‘Project Smile’ was created.

Project smile is an initiative where high quality smiling pictures of corona warriors are printed and stuck on the protective suits so that the patient and others can recognize the person easily. This simple action helps to comfort both the patents and the frontline warriors This initiative is a collaboration with VYSMO, Redington India Limited and a network of HP Indigo Digital printers across India.

Vysmo, a design and consulting firm was inspired by this initiative run by HP Indigo India across Apollo Hospitals in India. Vysmo partnered with Redington India Limited, the sole distributer for HP Indigo in India, and a large network of HP Indigo Digital Print Service Providers across the country to take this project nation-wide.

Click the link below for the video presentation.

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