Fuji Xerox expands Versant range with new capabilities

Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Has launched two new production printer models: Versant 3100i Press and Versant 180i Press in the production color market.

The new presses have an add-on capability of an Air Suction Feeder to handle a wide range of paper including thick and long paper. A side blower separates the paper in the tray after which the top sheet is lifted with suction from the newly designed shuttle head and fed into the press with an air knife to ensure single sheet feeding.

The Feeder can handle paper of different thicknesses ranging from thin paper at 52 g/m2 to thick paper*1 at 400 g/m2. The new paper tray is also compatible with various paper sizes for printing, from small sized paper to long paper up to 330 x 1200 mm (simplex)*2. Paper which typically cause stress in paper feeding—such as paper containing concentrated amounts of paper dust, uneven paper, cohesive coated paper and preprint paper for offset printing that uses powder— can now be transported in a stable way.

Long paper can now be continuously fed from both the Air Suction Feeder and the conventional manual feed tray. This enables the printer to load 100 sheets of paper at 1200 mm (simplex) and 800 sheets of paper at 864 mm (duplex). Printing speed has been improved by approximately 2.5 times for the Versant 3100i Press, which can now print 23 pages per minute, while the Versant 180i Press can now print 19 pages per minute at an improved printing speed of 2 times as compared to their earlier models.

The Versant 3100i Press can print 100 pages per minute while the Versant 180i Press, which can print 80 pages per minutewith 2400 dpi resolution. With its Full Width Array function, the image quality correction process before printing is automated for color calibration, and front and back registration adjustment and automatically corrects image quality through Fuji Xerox SIQA (Simple Image Quality Adjustment) technology.

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