EFI launches Nozomi C18000 Plus digital inkjet corrugated printer

Electronics For Imaging, Inc. has introduced a new version of its single-pass digital inkjet corrugated printer, the EFI Nozomi C18000 Plus.

Key enhancements for the 71-inch wide, direct-to-board LED UV inkjet printer includes new advanced transport feed and patented vacuum table systems that eliminate warping while maximizing printer productivity and uptime. The Nozomi C18000 Plus also features an improved post-print quality inspection system to help users monitor quality and quickly identify inkjet nozzle issues or other defects.

The printer can also detect and recover from jams within seconds, with automated continuation of jobs in sequence.

Operating at speeds up to 246 linear feet (75 linear meters) per minute – producing up to 10,000 35x35-inch (890x890-mm) boards per hour two-up – the printer also features new coater options, including a quick-change anilox coater for improved performance. In addition to its standard CMYK inkset, the printer is available with optional orange, violet or white inks for an imaging gamut of up to 97% of PANTONE Colors.

EvandroMatteucci, VP and GM, Packaging and Building Materials, EFI said "Without exception, users worldwide consistently achieve double-digit increases in production year over year thanks to the Nozomi C18000’s ability to meet or exceed brands’ strict throughput and quality requirements. The corrugated packaging world has never been the same after the appearance of EFI Nozomi technology and we are excited to help our customers achieve even greater successes with the new EFI Nozomi C18000 Plus.”

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