Esko launches VariAngle tool for Kongsberg Tables

Esko has launched a new VariAngle tool for the Kongsberg C and XP range of digital finishing tables, which it says enables cutting at any angle from 0 to 60 degrees at high speeds.

Knut Johansen, Digital Finishing Product Manager said “Fitting the new VariAngle tool makes existing Kongsberg C and XP tables completely self-sufficient and capable of delivering most any creative design. Unlike with other brands of finishing table, using VariAngle removes the need to stop production when changing tools, drastically reducing setup time and increasing cutting speed”.

“The unique combination of the new tool and the supporting functionality in ArtiosCAD delivers true design freedom. For the first time ever, converters can make 60 degree V-notch cuts enabling the making of triangular pillars, something which has been impossible until now as no machine on the market can cut at an angle greater than 45 degrees. It can also cut angled curves, dependent on radius size,” added Knut.

In conjunction with the new 3D design features of Esko structural packaging design software ArtiosCAD, the intelligent, automatic VariAngle tool delivers a new level of creativity.

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