OneVision announces enhanced image editing software

OneVision has increased the automation level through the release of Amendo 20.2 software. .

While Amendo has been automatically creating cut paths for images on white backgrounds, the new version of the Amendo Extension now allows you to crop images with colored backgrounds. This is made possible by a link to the clipping portal Amendo users, who have a license key from, can deposit the key in Amendo so that the new Amendo "Remove Background" module sends images with colored or more complex backgrounds to Once created the clippings, Amendo feeds them back into the workflow for further processing. .

If images with bright borders are placed on a white background, e.g. on a website, the viewer will not be able to see where the image ends and the background begins. With the new "Minimum/Maximum Tone Value" functionality, the adjustment of image border and background can now be automated not only for CMYK, but also for RGB images. This is done by a targeted, controllable reduction of brightness at the image edges. .

An unwanted consequence with backlit photos is that the faces can often appear too dark. This effect can now be avoided with a new slider. Now users can define the degree of brightness themselves.

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