Morgana launches DigiCoater Pro 400

Morgana has launched the new Morgana DigiCoater Pro 400 UV continuous varnishing unit for a range of applications including greetings cards, photobooks and calendars.

The modular design consists of a main unit with a varnish station and a curing unit. There are two main options to choose from: a cold UV lamp unit that can produce up to 45m / min and an air-cooled LED curing module that can operate at speeds up to 35m / min. Both options cure at room temperature to avoid any risk of heat damage to substrates.

Ray Hillhouse, VP Sales and Marketing for the Plockmatic Group Offline Business Unit stated, “UV coated sheets provide for rub resistance and a more robust finish when the final piece of print needs to be frequently handled or passed through other finishing or mailing systems prior to completion. In addition, UV coating is widely considered as being a more environmentally friendly alternative to lamination, as virtually no waste is produced in the production process”.

The maximum width of paper accepted by DigiCoater is 380 mm; length - 720 mm (optional - 1300 mm); density - from 150 to 600 g / m². There is a duplex cover option with an inverter to flip sheets, but in this case two DigiCoaters are required. The VFL can feed up to 2,000 sheets up to 385 × 300 mm, the VFX feeder up to 5,400 sheets up to 356 × 660 mm.

The DigiCoater is suitable for varnishing both offset and digital inkjet and toner prints, providing a high gloss finish.

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