EFI unveils VUTEk XT Hybrid printer

Electronics For Imaging, Inc. announced the launch of the EFI VUTEk XT hybrid flatbed/roll-to-roll display graphics printer, which includes the next generation of multi-pass pin-and-cure imaging, ink delivery and dot placement technologies.

“Print businesses need the next level of capability with a lower TCO, and EFI has focused our global R&D expertise to meeting those goals with this printer and a complete EFI technology offering that together make super high speed inkjet display graphics a profitable reality for customers,” said Ken Hanulec, vice president of worldwide corporate marketing, EFI. “The new VUTEk XT printer – with its outstanding quality, superior substrate capability, robust productivity and almost unheard-of ink yield – delivers greater versatility and value in the display graphics market.”

According to EFI, the new VUTEk XT represents the next-generation hybrid architecture for EFI’s proven pin-and-cure technology, which sets UV ink using LED lamps for sharp definition and accurate placement, followed by a full UV cure at high production speeds.

The printer includes a new media transport that eliminates the need for material edge guides, ensuring highly accurate registration and smooth transport of even thick boards. The printer’s new vacuum belt and vacuum table ably handle a wide range of materials.

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