DocuWare Releases Version 7.5 to further accelerate workflow

DocuWare, provider of cloud solutions for document management and workflow automation has announced DocuWare version 7.5 with new features for integrations with third-party applications, new user interface languages and more features to further accelerate workflows for both on-premises and cloud customers.

Dr. Michael Berger, President said, “With DocuWare version 7.5, we continue to empower the user. Now the user can easily update previously installed Desktop apps without administrator support. Overall, the day-to-day user experience is better and they can work faster in a more error-free way”.

DocuWare has long offered the ability to integrate with email, team portals, CRM, ERP and HR systems. DocuWare version 7.5 also allows integrations to take place via an export tool, DocuWare Export. With the Desktop App, index data from selected documents can be exported in CSV format and imported into various ERP, CRM or HR systems.

Docuware claims, manual data entry, duplicate checks and incomplete data records are a thing of the past. The add-on module has been available since May for DocuWare Cloud and now for on-premises users.

Using webhooks, users can set up file cabinet notifications to be sent automatically when documents are newly stored in a file cabinet or when associated index entries are modified. The third-party application (such as a financial accounting system) responds by synchronizing the data set or triggering a workflow.

Used in over 100 countries, DocuWare version 7.5 offers 20 languages for its global users.

In this latest version, relevant contents (invoice amount, subject, invoicing party, QR codes etc.) in the PDF file attached to the email, are scanned and transferred without manual intervention to the corresponding index fields and are then available in the file cabinet. This new automation speeds up workflows while minimizing human error.

Filing and editing table fields is now easier and clearer. The table display has been revised so tables can be filled more quickly and intuitively. The new features are directly available for all table fields in store and index dialogs as well as in workflow tasks. They do not need to be enabled or configured separately.

With the new version, DocuWare supports three additional LDAP attributes: Common Name, Display Name and Name. These can be selected for displaying the user name when importing users from Mirosoft Active Directory.

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