HP launches mixed reality service powered by Microsoft

HP Inc. announced the launch of xRServices, its mixed reality-based support service powered by Microsoft HoloLens 2, to tackle printer problems for industrial customers.

Tracy Galloway, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President and COO comments, “HP has a strong record of reinvention, always propelling customer needs as the key driver for technology advancement. Microsoft’s mixed reality solutions offer a tangible mechanism that helps drive the changing landscape of human interaction”.

“HP and Microsoft working together on reinventing services was a clear winning formula. We are confident HP’s xRServices, and Microsoft’s HoloLens2 and Remote Assist applications will bring simplicity and ease to HP’s support operations and will be a catalyst for positive change in customer support throughout the industry.”

Compatible with all HP company’s industrial presses, such as the HP Indigo 12K Digital Press, any employee regardless of their technical experience and expertise can put on the HoloLens 2 smart glasses and instantly see instructions and be guided step-by-step with their virtual HP engineer, the instructions moving with the employees to quickly direct them to the parts or problems they need to solve in a second.

Haim Levit, General Manager of HP Indigo and WW industrial Go to Market, said,“With the exponential rise in digital printing fueling the industry, customers have less time for service calls and higher production runs to meet. The way we deliver services in this ever-evolving business and work environment is changing fast, and working with Microsoft on this project was a common-sense solution.”

“We are redefining services for the industry by providing our customers with a solution which not only saves them time but optimizes their revenue opportunities. We continue to drive the most innovative solutions in the industry as we listen to and work with our customers as their production needs change in the virtual and physical worlds” he adds.

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