Duplo launches Spot UV Coater with In-line Cold Foiling

Duplo has bolstered its B2 portfolio by introducing two significant products, the DuSense DDC-8000 B2 Raised Spot UV Coater, highlighting the brand’s dedication to leading the industry with advanced equipment designed to meet current market demands.

The DuSense DDC-8000 B2 Raised Spot UV Coater was built on the success of the more compact DDC-810, which made it simple for print providers to add tactile enhancements digitally and in-house on applications up to 14.33" x 29.13" and up to 450 gsm.

A standout feature on the DDC-8000 is the increased production flexibility, with the ability to handle maximum press sheets of 23" x 42" up to 600 gsm. The option to add cold foil in-line opens up more possibilities for unique eye-catching finishes. Holographic, metallic, and matte foils can be applied without lamination. Polymers are compatible with output produced by B2 devices as well as offset and digital presses. Additionally, its surface treatment option allows users to optimize performance by allowing the use of a single polymer regardless of the type of press used.

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