messe-dusseldorf updates guidelines for Health and Hygiene for drupa 2021

With drupa just eight months away, messe-dusseldorf has been constantly reviewing and updating guidelines for health and hygiene to be effective at the time of the show in April 2021. A press release, ‘Ready for Re-Start: Messe Düsseldorf draws up Hygiene and Infection Protection Concept’ issued on drupa website highlighting the ‘Hygiene Concept’ measures states:

‘As a matter of principle, the official distancing and hygiene rules shall be applicable atevents held at the Düsseldorf exhibition centre, compliance is also up to each individual– as is the case in the public sphere and in retail. These rules include maintaining aminimum distance of 1.5 m, seeing to one’s own hand hygiene, wearing a face mask,following the sneeze etiquette and foregoing such welcoming rituals as shaking hands. Ifneeded face masks will be handed out by service staff at the entrances and at thepremises’

‘Wherever queues form, floor markings will draw attention to the minimum distancingrequirements. Here and on all public spaces Messe Düsseldorf staff and securitypersonnel will ensure these distances are observed. This is performed on site and bymeans of existing video systems. At the exhibitors’ stands this is done by theiremployees. To avoid bumping into people all aisles are to be used as in road traffic i.e.by keeping to the “right-hand lane”. All doors – with the exception of fire protection doors – will be wide open for contactless use.Sanitizers will be made available across the entire premises; at stands exhibitorsthemselves will be in charge of this. All payment transactions will be cashless – to theextent possible. For this reason, all ticket counters will remain closed. Service desks,counters, etc. will be equipped with transparent partitions as hygiene guards. At leasttwice a day – also more frequently depending on the footfall – turnstiles and ticketscanners, service desk and counter tops as well as contact surfaces such as doorhandles etc. will be cleaned.’

Further information can be found at: https://www.drupa.com/en/Hygiene_Concept.

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