Konica Minolta out of drupa 2021 – explores alternatives to engage with customers

Konica Minolta has announced its withdrawal from drupa 2021. The company will pursue the path of new, tailored and digital or hybrid formats of engagement with its target groups.

Since postponement of drupa in June, the company’s rules had to adapt, and it had to rethink what’s possible for its customers and prospects. For example, Konica Minolta has planned to launch virtual showrooms, when the regions get ready respectively, that hold many features for an interactive exploration of their manifold product offers in printing. In many locations, the company offers virtual live demonstrations where people can experience products with a two-way camera set-up and interact with the Konica Minolta experts. In addition to the showroom offerings, its innovative product and solution updates will also be delivered through Konica Minolta’s corporate website and social networks.

Toshitaka Uemura, Executive Officer, Division President of Professional Print Headquarters, Konica Minolta, Inc, said: “We very much still believe in the power of personal relationships and of course the power of seeing our portfolio and touching the print products from our presses and are evaluating the potential combinations of virtual and real-life concepts. Our highest priority is always to make sure that our customers, colleagues and all their families stay safe and healthy. And while the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt on a global basis, we have taken a decision to withdraw our physical presence from drupa.”

Konica Minolta is reviewing opportunities for bespoke local events that leverage the best of two worlds: having customers being able to come and see the new solutions and possibilities that Konica Minolta has in stock for them while being safely embedded in their own country without travel restrictions and having the full power of a world leader in printing solutions in the background – with global innovation and technology power and expertise right at their fingertips.

“Our utmost goal has been and always will be to help shape ideas for our customers in a partnership approach – no matter the ‘communication channel’, whether face to face or virtually. We are fully convinced that print will endure as a communications medium even with the perceived threats from digital, mobile and virtual channels. In fact, despite the pandemic and less predictable environment in which we all now live, print is thriving and finding new ways to deliver impact and value, often alongside those other media channels. We will keep exploring these new ways of delivering value together with and for our customers and are excited by what lies ahead” added Uemura.


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