Heidelberg Innovation Week – a great success

Heidelberg Innovation Week concluded successfully on 23rd October. With the theme ‘Unfold Your Potential’, the five day event received several thousand registrations from more than 100 countries, several hundred one-to-one discussions arranged with decision-makers, and around 100,000 hits on videos.

The event focused on transferring knowledge relating to the urgent issues in the sector. With product presentations on its latest highlights, innovation talks, and personal discussions via video chat, Heidelberg provided a comprehensive overview of its offerings in the commercial, label, and packaging segments. Ludwig Allgoewer, Head of Global Sales and Marketing at Heidelberg said “The feedback we have received so far from participants and our partners has been truly overwhelming. The participants praised the format and the content presented.”

“The combination of short, professionally produced videos and innovation talks with the option of follow-up live chats in which the content presented could be discussed in more detail with around 300 Heidelberg experts from around the world went down well with the participants. As a result, Heidelberg was able to register specialist customer contacts on a similar scale to an international trade show,” Allgoewer continued. “We are confident that the numerous customer discussions will also generate business contracts in the near future.”

At the heart of all the presentations was the optimization of the entire process in offset and digital printing, all the way through to end-to-end production. This is based on the enhanced Push to Stop technology with all its facets, including automatic optimization of job sequences and navigated printing, accompanied by user-friendliness for operators thanks to easy-to-understand user interfaces, all of which – combined with “integrated intelligence” – enables highly productive operations with fewer staff and skilled personnel. Heidelberg also provided supplementary information about offerings in the fields of Prinect workflow, consumables, and contract business.

Rainer Hundsdörfer CEO Heidelberg stated “The priority is no longer simply achieving the highest possible printing speed – instead we aim to make the entire process as efficient as possible. Boosting productivity offers the greatest earnings capacity for industrial print shops. Digitization is key to this – and that is precisely what we demonstrated at Innovation Week. The response to our Innovation Week underlines how it is possible to use digital formats to successfully contact customers and get them excited about innovations, even in the middle of a global pandemic.”

The five day schedule was as below and the videos of presentations can be accessed through the links given:


Welcome to Heidelberg Innovation Week.
Ludwig Allgoewer, Global Head of Sales & Marketing

Everything runs all by itself – this is how completely autonomous production works – including postpress.
Tap into significant profit potentials with automated processes, from PDF to shipping! Jump to the next level: This is how you produce your current print volume with twice the efficiency. No operator intervention required.

More profit, satisfied customers and motivated employees thanks to digital workflow and intelligent operator guidance!
Tap into significant profit potentials with automated processes, from PDF to shipping! Jump to the next level: This is how you produce your current print volume with twice the efficiency. No operator intervention required.

Commercial Printing Innovation Talk | Can productivity be doubled at comparable fixed costs?
To increase the productivity of your print shop, the available improvement potentials must be enabled.
What are the major potentials and how can they be unlocked? How can this be implemented while daily business is running? What are the benefits of new contract models?


Welcome to Heidelberg Innovation Week.
Rainer Wolf, Head of Segment Management Commercial

Decide just before printing starts – how I can switch between offset and digital at any time.
Flexibility makes the decisive difference and boosts profitability. What are the benefits when offset and digital are selected from the same workflow? What new options are available to save costs through the intelligent selection of several machines?

Productivity increase for everybody: Acting flexibly on the market as midsize print shop while increasing efficiency and generating solid profits!
How do I increase my profit sustainably as a flexible midsize print shop? Why does it pay off just now to invest in the digitization of processes and switch from manual activities to automated workflows? Welcome to the Smart Print Shop – and take the next step!

Commercial Printing Innovation Talk | How can we jointly reduce complexity while increasing efficiency and productivity?
The machine’s productivity depends on the materials used and an intelligent maintenance and care concept. The operative management of the supply chain is time-consuming and labor-intensive. What are the options of partnering in finding solutions for efficiency and profitability? What potentials are derived from the integration of software solutions and the automation of all transactions between the printer and his suppliers with the new ZAIKIO platform?


Welcome to Heidelberg Innovation Week.
Markus Hoefer, Head of Business Development Label

Economical and sustainable finishing of wet glue labels – it' s the timing that counts.
The new generation of Speedmaster presses can be configured specifically for the specialist discipline of wet-glue label production. In combination with the Prinect production workflow, it provides the maximum productivity on the market. Metallic finishing on labels is the latest trend and demand is increasing. Highly innovative and above all sustainable, fascinating metallic effects can be achieved with the Foilstar, with material savings of up to 80%.

High speed even at 50 µm – taming stubborn in-mold substrates
High productivity and maximum flexibility. Our in-mold expertise will lend your label production wings. New solutions help to achieve even greater efficiency throughout the entire process.

Innovation-Talk Label Printing | More effects, less time - how can the increasing complexity in label printing be mastered reliably and profitably?
Print runs are decreasing, delivery times are getting shorter - and all this with ever more individual customer requirements, sustainability included. How can the complex mix of requirements be balanced? Which innovations ensure an increase in performance? And what are the prerequisites for flexible and efficient label production with maximum automation?


Welcome to Heidelberg Innovation Week.
Joerg Daehnhardt, Head of Postpress Business Management

Innovative solutions for automated packaging printing – this is how your operators are intelligently guided through the Prinect Workflow and on the Speedmaster CX 102.
Universal machine, universal workflow: Packaging printing in particular offers great potential regardless of the operator. Our new User Experience makes packaging printing easier than ever – in all format classes.

Generation 2020 – this is how the new intelligent Speedmaster XL 106 optimizes your highly industrial packaging production.
Off to the cutting edge of development – with autonomous processes in packaging printing. The new generation of the Speedmaster XL 106 carries out routine tasks fully automatically and increases efficiency. Divide into saleable and non-saleable sheets according to objective criteria – automated and with individually defined tolerance.

Folding Carton Innovation Talk | Maximum availability – what is the contribution of consumables and digital services for stable packaging production?
The availability of a machine directly impacts productivity. How do intelligent databased services such as the new Maintenance Manager, Performance Analysis and Digital Training affect total performance? What is the role of coordinated consumables, service contracts and optimal maintenance management for stable production at consistently high quality?


Welcome to Heidelberg Innovation Week.
Joerg Daehnhardt, Head of Postpress Business Management

The value of partnership.
Li Li, President of Masterwork Group

Die cutting at the highest level. Integrated in the workflow and at the highest performance level – a world premiere.
Raising the curtain for our new die cutter. Loaded with innovations that set standards in finishing. The first die cutter integrated into the digital Prinect Production Workflow defines a new productivity class – a smart investment that quickly pays for itself.

Generating profitable wow-effects: Special applications in packaging printing open the door to more profitable jobs.
Everything in a single pass: Individual machine configurations enable efficient production of high-grade packaging. The Speedmaster turns you into a specialist for special applications while remaining flexible and cost-effective in day-to-day business – because complexity can be managed.

Folding Carton Innovation Talk | Short runs in packaging printing – what does that mean and how does it pay off?
How can packaging even as short runs, e.g. test runs or promotions, be produced economically? What influence does the printing method have? Can Web to Box provide additional orders? Are there clever solutions for special colors, collected forms and postpress?


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