SinoCorrugated South & SinoFoldingCarton 2022 announces its online exhibition platform

Due to constraints of face-to-face meetings and continuing travel restrictions for overseas participants, Reed Exhibitions, the organizers of WEPACK 2022 have decided to add an online platform to facilitate this segment of exhibitors and visitors.

SinoCorrugated South and SinoFoldingCarton are a part of WEPACK – World Expo of Packaging Industry, an 8-in1 mega show scheduled to take place in Shenzhen, China across 7-9 April, 2022.

Effective communications with 100,000-odd overseas buyers and agencies from over 100 countries and regions will be realized via 7 hybrid events which include online exhibition, online guided tour, target attendee program, running man, industrial webinar, online exhibitor interview and exhibitor livestream.

The online exhibition platform will have the advantage of the Internet, save the transportation cost, improve the communication efficiency, quickly restart the overseas market for the exhibitors and also rebuild a trade bridge with the overseas targeted customers.

The Online Guided Tour is a customized theme tour route, designed for overseas visitors, to introduce exhibits, and showcase the grandeur of the exhibition to the overseas visitors.

The Target Attendee Program will invite overseas buyers with explicit purchase intent to participate in online match-making events before and during the exhibition and arrange over 500 online business match-makings for exhibitors with long-term cooperation respectively before and during the exhibition. An overseas shopping guide team of nearly 40 persons will be set up at the exhibition site to monitor the event messages of online exhibition platforms and major livestreaming platforms in real time.

Industry webinars and discussions will be organised with national industry associations/media in partnership with Reed Exhibitions Packaging and Printing Division. Member enterprises affiliated to the local association will participate in the industry thematic webinar as well as invite relevant exhibitors to participate in sharing and discussion.

Online Exhibitor Interview platform will provide a communication channel to pass on accurate information for products and technical data to the overseas market.

Livestreaming of events from the exhibition site will enable overseas visitors to participate in the exhibition and the events of exhibitors.






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