Taipei International Book Fair 2023 rekindles the enthusiasm and energy for reading

The 31st Taipei International Book Fair concluded successfully on February 5th, with a total number of visitors reaching 505,000, twice that of 2022. A total of 470 publishing houses from 33 countries at home and abroad participated.

Minister of Culture Shi Zhe commented on the 2023 Taipei International Book Fair with "this is a grand cultural reunion" in his closing speech. Shi Zhe said that in terms of numbers, the number of visitors to the book fair doubled that of last year, the number of copyright transactions increased by 9.9 times compared to last year, and the number of reading promotion activities increased by 62%. came back". Although everyone still wears masks, there is less fear behind the masks, and more hugs, exchanges, and talks. This is a display of cultural power and the starting point for the overall cultural revitalization after the epidemic.

"People are really back!" and "Sales are back!" Wu Yunyi, chairman of the Taipei Book Fair Foundation, pointed out that the results of this year's exhibition are a great encouragement to the publishing industry.

Wu Yunyi added, “The 2023 Taipei International Book Fair is not just a book fair, It is a cultural exchange feast, and the book fair is full of emotions, far exceeding all the numbers.”






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