Dscoop Bali – A journey of learning and networking

The Dscoop Bali Summit was a thrilling event that engaged 151 participants in an enriching experience of learning, networking, and cultural immersion. Over two remarkable days, attendees embarked on insightful site visits to renowned businesses such as Cahaya Jakarta Group, Bintang Sempurna, and ePac Flexible Packaging, gaining valuable insights into their operations.

The event commenced with a warm welcome from Laurensius Chandra, an APJ Board Member from Indonesia, and recognition of the dedicated SEA Committee members, including Fion See, Mark Carunungan, Yudha Bima, and Praput Chivapornthip, who played pivotal roles in the event's success. Keynote speakers Ben Soebiakto and William Djaja shared their expertise on agile entrepreneurship and workforce empowerment, respectively.

Attendees were treated to cultural delights at the GWK Cultural Park, where they witnessed the mesmerizing kecak dance against the backdrop of Bali's scenic landscape.

The second day featured enlightening sessions on harnessing AI's potential, insights into the printing industry's future direction, and discussions on the capabilities of PrintOS and automation in print workflows. For the first time, large format printing was integrated into the Dscoop family, celebrated in a dedicated session.

The event also included engaging activities such as a Stress Buster Bootcamp and the highly anticipated Print Pride Spotlight: Showcase and Share, where outstanding achievers like Wellen Brothers, Bintang Sempurna, and Nexibles were honored. The Summit concluded with a tasting session by Nusantara Fermentation Cooperative, Iwak Arumery, offering attendees a true taste of Indonesian culture and philosophy.

More than a conference, the Bali Summit served as a platform for fostering connections, sharing knowledge, and celebrating excellence. It demonstrated the power of collaboration, not only among printers but also with partner companies.

The following day, 33 participants embarked on a Bali tour, strengthening bonds, relishing delicious cuisine, and capturing memories against the backdrop of the Summit's main theme.

Even after the event, the spirit of collaboration endured as nine enthusiastic Dscoop members founded the Dscoop Diving Club, symbolizing the community's enduring passion for embracing new adventures and learning opportunities together.

The Bali Summit proved to be a transformative journey of discovery, collaboration, and friendship, leaving an indelible mark on all attendees and inspiring anticipation for future adventures.


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