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Sumi Publications brings to you 'Print Traveller Events Catalogue 2024' (rebranded from Printers' Yearbook Events Catalogue), now in its 23rd year of publication. As always we hope to further improve and bring a more detailed edition for our readers.

The Calendar of Events is catalogued giving information of over 200 Printing, Packaging, Converting, Publishing, Signage, Paper and Stationery related, as well as 3D Printing events worldwide (Exhibitions and Conferences) with full communication data and colour logos.

Over 9000 copies (print and
e-version) of the Events Catalogue are circulated among Senior Executives of the printing machinery manufacturers and suppliers, printers, publishers, paper manufacturers and others in the trade. It is also going to be available online and at major print events represented by Sumi Publications.

The Events Catalogue is also given free, to all subscribers of our other magazines and circulated to theCommercial Divisions of foriegn Embassies and Consulates in India.

The catalogue's content includes Information of over 200 print related events worldwide with full communication data and color logos and advertisements













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