Weigang to launch WGS-350 Digital Press at Labelexpo Asia

Weigang Machinery Company, a printing and converting machine manufacturer based in China, is set to unveil its latest innovation, the WGS-350 digital printing machine, at Labelexpo Asia.

The WGS-350 digital press revolutionizes printing by seamlessly integrating digital inkjet technology with flexo printing capabilities. This press offers a wide range of color combinations and leverages digital technology for variable informational and decorative elements. Additionally, it features a flexo printing unit for pre-coating and large-area printing applications.

Weigang’s W2-320H printer stands out with its precision and speed, driven by 23 servo motors in an 8-color configuration. This setup ensures impeccable registration even during high-speed printing operations. The printing roller incorporates a sleeve system that is not only lightweight but also easy and swift to change. This versatility makes it compatible with various film materials such as PET, CPP, OPP, and PP.

Furthermore, the ZX-320 machine utilizes a cutting-edge servo control system to guarantee steady material nip and exceptional accuracy. Its operation is designed to be swift, convenient, and straightforward, eliminating the need for frequent printing roller changes. With PS plate intermittent printing, this machine meets high-level label printing demands, catering to both short and long production runs effectively.


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