Pulisi to promote its digital technology at Labelexpo Asia

Pulisi is set to showcase its cutting-edge digital printing technology at Labelexpo Asia 2023, featuring the and Dsmart-220 digital printing machines, along with the Sprint-350S full servo automatic inspection machine.

The DPIM-330F multifunctional hybrid digital printing machine by Pulisi offers a remarkable printing width range of 220mm to 520mm. This innovative machine comes equipped with a pre-flexo primer module, flexo bronzing, customized spot color, digital cold foil stamping module, film laminated module, die cut module, and an online inspection quality management system. It also boasts optional units like quantum cloud code printing, full-color variable code, and dot matrix code printing, catering to diverse security and traceability needs. The DPIM-330F can be integrated with an online inspection system, allowing for quick creation of inspection templates and effective detection of printing defects such as dirty points, missing texts, and color variations in the final products.

On the other hand, the Dsmart-220 digital printing machine retains the core advantages and functionalities of Pulisi's Aobead digital printing technology. Remarkably compact, it occupies only 3.9m by 1.8m of space, with a paper feeding path compressed within 7m. This streamlined design not only saves space but also reduces material costs, making it an ideal choice for limited spaces. Its standard printing width is 220mm, extendable up to a maximum width of 330mm, ensuring versatility and efficiency in digital printing tasks.

Olive Liu, General Manager of Pulisi comments, “DPIM-330F and Dsmart-220 are under the brand of Aobead, a new brand of Pulisi digital printing machine. Since its official release in 2021, more than 110 Aobead digital printing machines have been installed all over the world.”

Additionally, the company will feature the Sprint-350S full servo automatic inspection machine as their third highlight at the event. Representing the latest version of the AIM series and having over 1500 installations worldwide, the Sprint-350S is equipped with stateof- the-art technology. This includes cutting-edge visual defect detection software, the latest AI image algorithms, and advanced system deep learning capabilities. The machine incorporates a range of defect identification algorithms, AI feature extraction techniques, as well as new micro-text positioning and identification detection methods. With its robust data processing capabilities, the Sprint-350S ensures customers a stable and dependable inspection experience.


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