Landa Digital Printing (LDP) organised a virtual Q&A session with Benny Landa, Founder and Chairman Landa Group and Arik Gordon, CEO LDP, hosted by Nick Clements the company’s business planner, on 16th September.

The event gave an insight into technology developments at LDP and an update on various installations of Landa presses worldwide till now.

Speaking on the impact of Covid-19 Landa said “It is clear that no country, no society, no industry including the printing industry has been spared from the COVID-19 pandemic, but in various sectors of our industry it has had a different effect. Commercial printing has been adversely affected, but in packaging, especially food and pharma, there appears to be a boost for our packaging customers, with an increased demand for just-in-time printed goods.

“All the signs indicate that commercial printing will rebound as the economy returns to normal and that is when we expect the demand for digitally printed products to accelerate. The new normal will be much more digital than the old normal” he added.

Arik Gordon said “COVID-19 had a major impact on Landa in the short term in the sense of installations. That period lasted for several months, but around August when travel restrictions were eased we started installations and support globally and we hope to install four to five presses by the year end”.

Expressing his views on participation at drupa 2021, Landa says ““I love drupa, It is the only trade show that LDP has exhibited at. With hundreds of thousand visitors, it is the only place to communicate our messages, to share our vision, to educate the market about what’s possible and how we see the future of this industry. People fall in love with the company, the vision”

“Yes, we definitely plan to participate at the next drupa, ofcourse subject to the prevailing health situation. If we feel it is safe for our employees and our visitors, we will be there” he added.

“In some way the postponement of drupa has had a silver lining, as it has forced us to communicate with the market online. This also means that communicating and trade shows will never be the same again.”

Landa and Gordon also clarified the need and importance of their relationship with the Japanese press manufacturer Komori in development of Landa presses.

Speaking on the installations, Arik informed how diversely the presses are used. The profile of their customers range from commercial printers, online printers, folding cartons, specialty printers, wide range of publications and packaging among others in print runs of one to ten and thousands. Today they have installations in Asia, North America, Central America, Europe and Mexico.

Commenting on how the printing industry is developing, Landa says “I have been trying to convince customers why they need digital printing. It’s been a push for decades. Between drupa 2012 and 2016, the world seems to have turned upside down. Today customers and brand owners are coming to us saying, why they need digital printing and why they need it now. There is a new realisation, a new awareness about the power of mass customisation, especially in packaging”.

“This is an entirely new thing for me to be so popular, to be so desired. Frankly, I absolutely love it”.

Landa concluded by saying, “We have been blessed with a privileged technlogoy, Nanography, that produces breathtaking, brilliant vivid colours at high speed, economically and virtually on any substrate. This uniquely positions Landa Digital Printing to lead the printing industry in the digital era and that is exactly what we intend to do”.

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