Miyakoshi MJP digital inkjet presses introduced in India

Miyakoshi has introduced the MJP series of digital inkjet presses in Indiathrough its exclusive representative, Provin Technos.

The MPJ series has four models catering to different market segments ranging from short-run label printing to short-run flexible packaging.The MJP 13LXV is a full color LED-UV inkjet press specialised for label printing. The MJP 20E/EX is a full color duplex water-based inkjet press specialised for transactional printing. The MJP 20/30 IXS is a full color duplex water-based inkjet press specialised for commercial printing, and the MJP 30 AXF is a water-based inkjet press for flexible packaging.

Akshay Kaushal, Executive Director Sales, Provin Technos said “Miyakoshi’s technology know-how dates back to when the company grew in manufacturing offset presses for business forms. One of the key parameters in industrial high-speed inkjet printers is the ability to transport the media precisely, and in conjunction with the most advanced high-resolution print head technologies, the system is designed to dance together to create the most precise droplet placement over the media resulting in high quality prints. Some of the competitors are not able to achieve this and must resort to outsourcing the unwind-rewind, but Miyakoshi has superior control which they developed from several decades of building thousands of offset presses”.

All the machines are roll-to-roll high speed digital presses with piezoelectric drop-on-demand system line head. These presses from Miyakoshi come with the extensibility of choosing from the various inline finishing options ranging from sheeting, slitting, hot foil, embossing, amongst others, which have also been developed by Miyakoshi.

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