Rajmudra Prakashan puts trust in Xerox Iridesse for new opportunities

Shiv Jyoti Printing Press ventured into printing business in 1967 at Aurangabad. Renamed as Rajmudra Prakashan in 1993 expanded and entered the business of offset printing.

Today, it has a fully equipped unit offering a wide range of services– such as corporate brochures, security/gloss mark printing, folding cartons, catalogues, labels non-tearable media, books, e-flute cartons, self-adhesive labels, nickel-chromium logos, calendars and face shields - to its customers. The company also prints textbooks for the Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production and Curriculum Research.

With time, the demand for quality printing increased, and Rajmudra Prakashan added newer and superior machinery to its portfolio when the company installed India’s first Xerox Igen 4 machine in 2008.

Exploring possibilities to print polyester film and transparent sheets with digital embellishment, the company didn’t want to go with any other brand except Xerox. Evaluating the press and impressed by its performance, the company took the decision at Pamex 2020 to go for the Iridesse for their requirement. The press was installed in June 2020.

Rajeev Raut, Proprietor Rajmudra Prakashan says “Xerox is our long-standing partner and has played a huge role in our overall business growth. We are beyond satisfied with our experience with Xerox. Xerox technology has fulfilled all of our requirements with consistent and high-quality output.”

Rajmudra Prakashan is now using Iridesse’s award-winning Color FLX technology combining standard CMYK with up to two specialty dry inks in one printing pass. The company can now fulfil customers’ requirements for white prints, printing on transparent sheets and embellishments, without the overhead of any manual intervention.

Talking about support from Xerox in achieving optimum results on Iridesse, Rajeev comments “The entire Xerox team has been supportive throughout. Especially Mr. Loganathan, who has been a real support through the initial time and have helped us in understanding all the potential applications of Iridesse. We faced an issue while printing on polyester film where the customer logos, printed over white color base layer, turned out to be dull. Xerox helped us by adjusting the program settings of Iridesse. This improved the print quality remarkably to meet the satisfaction of our customers”.

With the Iridesse, Rajeev is looking forward to good business returns in the coming six months with availability of raw material such as polyester film and transparent sheets on regular basis. He says, “Xerox is a long-standing name in the industry, and its technology is benchmark. We are confident that the Iridesse will help us address past limitations and issues, thereby helping us in improving our business performance.”

Shedding light on the current state of the printing business, Rajeev commented, “Service is one of the major challenges that the printing industry is facing. Customers require high-quality output accompanied by agile service. If you can overcome these issues, you can give better results and satisfy your customers”, concludes Rajeev.

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