Domino introduces high speed inkjet printer for labels

Domino has launched the K600i digital inkjet printer for printing variable data onto labels, linear barcodes, QR codes and data matrix codes, at 150m per minute, resulting in printing 9000 linear metres with 350,000 labels and a million different codes per hour.

Philip Easton, director of Domino Digital Printing Solutions says “We recognise converters have a choice from the various inkjet printing equipment suppliers in the marketplace.The K600i is simple to run and maintain, offering exceptional productivity and efficiency, enabling our customers to react to this VDP opportunity and providing profitable, efficient, on-time delivery to their brand owner customers”.

Available in seven different print width formats, ranging from 108mm to 782mm, the monochrome UV inkjet printer can be configuresin either a standard single print bar or the high-speed dual-bar. It can be retrofitted onto most conventional printing presses and finishing lines. The K600i can be used with Domino's UV-curable, LED-curable and aqueous pigmented ink sets, with a high opacity white ink, a fluorescent ink and a clear varnish also available.

Jim Orford, K600i product manager from Domino Digital Printing Solutions, explains “Covid-19 has really accelerated the growth in e-commerce, a trend which is likely to remain after lockdown restrictions are lifted.Brand owners are also placing more emphasis on personalisation to engage with consumers through loyalty and promotional programmes, and to track their products through the supply-chain.This has resulted in some of our label and packaging converter customers reporting a 40-50 per cent increase in the demand for variable data printed labels during the pandemic”.

The single print bar prints 75-m/min at 600x600-dpi resolution with optimum print density, but can print at up to 150-m/min. The dual bar unit demonstrated in this video prints 150-m/min at optimum print density, and can still print at 600x600-dpi at up to 200-m/min.

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