Gunjan Prints keeps the wheel moving with Konica Minolta Accurio C3070 during pandemic

Ahmedabad based Gunjan Prints started as a graphic designing unit in 1996 and expanded into offset printing for corporate clients. Few years later, feeling the need to execute short run jobs and those that could not be printed offset, they decided to go digital.

Dharmesh Thakkar of Gunjan Prints says, “We felt it was not possible to survive without digital capability to cater for many jobs that we could not print by offset. Such jobs were being got done from other service providers and when the workload increased we invested in a digital press. ”

Venturing into printing of smart cards and ID cards which required a heavier media capability, the company decided to invest in Konica Minolta C3070 in June 2020. Better FSMA costing and quality was also a reason to opt for this press.

Talking on the timing of acquiring the press during the Covid pandemic being at its peak, Dharmesh expressed, “We have a few clients with captive jobwork for printing sanitizer labels and QR codes which we could execute in digital printing. It is because of this we survived during the difficult times.”

Once the company utilises the new press to its optimum capacity, they may look into adding a higher speed press in the future.

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