Mohawk launches ‘Paper With a Plan’ collection – a new approach to specifying paper

As Mohawk Fine Papers celebrates its 90th year of operation, it has refined and reorganized its paper portfolio into 5 distinct Collections that help make choosing paper by its properties and attributes easier.

To showcase the new Collections, Mohawk has created the ‘Paper With a Plan’ Collections Kit with 5 unbound booklets for each Collection. Each booklet contains printed demonstrations and samples including printed colors and textures that are approximate representations of all the papers that can be found from the full product offering in that Collection.Pages can be taken apart and detailed chart information can be found on the back of the sheets for insight into what items in that Collection are available in Writing, Text and Cover weights, and Envelopes.

Mike Madura, Senior Vice President of Product at Mohawk says, "It is Mohawk's belief that selecting paper should be simpler, not unlike other shopping experiences. While seasoned experts in the industry can easily navigate the detailed landscape of paper properties, new creators start the journey with little experience and even less knowledge of the world of paper and print. As the experts, Mohawk believes our new ‘Paper With A Plan’ approach will help designers—or anyone working in print—make confident and project-appropriate choices."

The Kit includes: Beautiful Collection for legendary reliable papers that enhance print fidelity for precise and impactful imagery. This collection of high-performance, superb formation papers bring out the best in photography, illustrations, and solid ink coverage; Sustainable Collection having papers with recycled or alternative fibers and a compelling sustainability story.

The Expressive Collection includes Colored and Textured papers with distinctive tactile and colorful properties. The Elevated Collection is a group of iconic papersmade from cotton and premium fibers for artful, elevated stationery and letterpress.

The Practical Collection is economical, workhorse papers that bring Mohawk quality to any project.

Melissa Stevens, Chief Revenue Officer at Mohawk, comments “Making an informed paper selection is key to making print that stands out and creates impact. Updating the way, we think and talk about paper ensures success. Paper With a Plan captures perfectly the vision and passion we believe exists for the future of fine papers and print. With a 90-year legacy of craftsmanship and innovation, Mohawk will continue to lead the way for our community of Makers to make print more beautiful, effective, and memorable.”

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