Color-Logic certifies Fujifilm Revoria Press

Color-Logic has certified the Fujifilm Revoria PC1120 Digital Press with the Fujifilm GX Server.

The qualification materials submitted to Color-Logic verified the ability of the Revoria Press/GX Server configuration to print Color-Logic metallic colors and embellishments. The Revoria Press/GX Server configuration is compatible with the Color-Logic system when using silver ink with CMYK on paper, or when using white ink with CMYK on metallic stock.

Explaining about the certification, Richard Ainge, Color-Logic CTO and a Founder of the Company said, "The color gamut and print quality off the press was excellent. Color-Logic is are delighted to partner with Fujifilm to bring print embellishment to their clients in Australasia and Japan, where the press is being introduced."

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