With the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions starting to relax in many states, there is a renewed focus on getting ‘back to normal’. For many, this signifies a return to the office – but it’s not as simple as picking up old habits. Preparing for a safe and efficient way to bring employees back to the workplace is a complex topic, and there are a lot of conflicting opinions out there.

We can assume that the slow ramp up to reopening is due to ensuring health and safety standards are in place, so that employees’ wellbeing is respected as a priority. But we also know that for many businesses there’s no rush due to remote work being a resounding success.

A Face-to-face interaction in the office may never be the same. Until we have a vaccine for COVID-19, physical distancing and safeguarding employees’ health will need to take precedence in how we look at interaction in the workplace. Many companies are implementing or considering the required use of PPE (e.g., masks, gloves, etc.), and social distancing requiring redirected traffic, desk chats won’t be the same for a while. But it’s not to say we can’t interact with people, and that we should see this as a reason to stay home from the office.

We’re social creatures and we can still have connections with others, just at a socially distanced length. We are already finding new ways to interact, using technology as an enabler rather than the end tool.

Happy reading and stay safe.

- Veerendra Malik


Dear Friends,
The spread of the Corona-virus (COVID-19) is increasing everyday globally and as many countries go under lock-down including many cities in India till 31 March 2020. Humanity is taking a Common Re-entrance Test (CET) with the entire country in a lockdown. The coronavirus pandemic is testing us as persons – personally and professionally. Personal test refers to management of our thoughts, body and spirit. Professional test relates to dilemmas we face at work in any sector, whether government, private or self employed. How we react or respond to the pandemic stems from who we were, before the pandemic struck.

No one imagined that we would need to practice physical distancing – being termed ‘social’ distancing – and live in fear of the person next to us. Someone you may have hugged, shook hands with, shared a meal with or even prayed with, is now to be avoided in proximity

We live in extraordinary times of unforeseen dimensions, where we have to first protect our own physical space before we protect others. We are surrounded by ‘an invisible enemy’ with power to invade even our tiny ‘space’ at any time, whoever we may be. With neither vaccines nor cures, we need to take all precautions possible to avoid infection; hence the need to conform with recommended guidelines on prevention.

We need to also take care of our mental health, keeping ourselves constructively occupied, staying calm, perhaps with the help of spiritual practices like meditation. Good reading and good listening. STAY HOME STAY SAFE.

- Sunil Jain
( Associate Editor

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