Devi Graphics enhances capacity with basysPrint CtCP and Kodak CtP systems

Punjab based prepress bureau Devi Graphics has installed a basysPrint CtCP and Kodak Trendsetter Thermal CtP System from Monotech Systems and recorded the multifold growth.

Tilak Raj, Director, Devi Graphics says, “We are in the printing for the last 18 years but further moved in the plate making business for the last 9 years. We started with Violet CtP then added thermal but got on the right track once we connected with Monotech Systems in 2017. We have installed basysPrint and Kodak Trendsetter from them which are superb machines and our productivity has been drastically increased. Our 100% plate consumption is from Technova”.

Established in 2013 Devi Graphics has since attracted and served customers from Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Haryana and does a plate production of approx. 15,000 sq. ft. per month with a buffer production of approx. 10,000 sq. ft. The company is operating on a 250 square yard multistory building in Chandigarh with approx. 30 manpower that includes designers, machine man, delivery and other supporting staffs.

“My daughters Janvi and Kaveri are the backbones of this business. The young generation has a lot of enthusiasm, and creative brains, and I am glad to see the way they are taking this business to the next level. Their involvement and dedication towards the work are rare which usually miss in today’s generation” Raj highlighted.

Raj goes on to say, “The support and guidance from Monotech Systems’ team are incomparable and best in the industry. Although both the machines don’t require enough support in case it is required the team supports it at midnight too. I can confidently say that Monotech Systems has helped us grow and there is no other company than this in the industry. Association with Monotech Systems means 100% success. Frankly, we have grown because of Monotech Systems”.

The equipment was supplied by Monotech Systems Limited.




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