Pamex closes on note of grand success – next dates announced

Intergraphic Sales & Services Pvt. Ltd.

Intergraphic Sales and Service exhibited its latest offering with live demos of its 100% vision inspection machine PEAIM-350ST from Pulisi. The machine runs at a speed of 200m/min.

Amit Sheth, Managing Director Intergraphic stated, “PEAIM-350ST is the first model to launch in the European and American markets with high precision positioning, high-speed acquisition, and one button to start identification and inspection automatically. It integrates automatic inspection, slitting, and waste rewinding functions into one. It can save labour and time and improve production efficiency, which matches the end consumption demands of the printing and packaging industry.”

The company also publicised the Pulisi AOBEAD DPIM330F UV Inkjet digital printing machine.


Komori India showcased its KP-Connect Basic solution, a service that improves productivity by allowing Komori and the printing company to share detailed press operating information and by making printing operations visible in the safe environment of the cloud. The printer’s own improvements as well as data-based press and process improvement methods from Komori are presented.

KP-Connect Basic operates on a cloud system, meaning it can be accessed via web browser at any time. In other words, KP-Connect is available not only via desktop, but also smartphone, tablet PC and other platforms. Operating and printing status can be checked easily, even while away from the office. Customers can also rest easy knowing that information collected via the cloud is not used for any purposes other than offering KP-Connect services and improving services and support.

As per the company, 20 presses were sold during the 4-day show. These include 4 six colour 40-inches printing presses with online coater; 1 five-colour online coater 40-inches press; 6 four colour Enthrone 29 presses; 1 five colour GL29 press; 5 four-colour GL37 including two with coater; 1 six color GL37 with coater; 1 seven colour GL40 coater with UV press and 1 two colour Enthrone 29.

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta participated with a wide range of its digital and label presses. In the Industrial range they showcased the AccurioLabel 230 andAccurioShine 3600, along with its digital die-cutting solutions and in professional printers, AccurioPress C12000 with IQ-501.

The company emphasised the extensive benefits of its digital press, the Accurio Label 230, for its customers regarding productivity, flexibility, and stability to meet growing market needs. Overall, the company showcased six sheetfed professional printers and three industrial printers along with finishing accessories, to make pre-press to post-press setup with ample business opportunities in the printing market.

Katsuhisa Asari, Managing Director, Konica Minolta India, explained, “We are delighted to receive such a positive response from all potential businesses in the region. The exhibition has given us an insight into how Konica Minolta is enabling businesses in the printing segment to expand their operations. At the same time, it has given us a newviewpoints/areas in which we can develop and modify our products that further assist our user base.

“We, at Konica Minolta India, believe that trust is the best medium to grow success. In tandem with this as our core value, we have well-positioned ourselves in providing office automation and digital printing solutions that aid us in bolstering our credibility amongst our esteemed partners and resellers. With our solutions and products, we are committed to assisting businesses in achieving their sustainability target” he added.

The AccurioShine 3600, presented at Pamex, is a pioneering technology that customers could use for building 2D and 3D gloss effects on their products. With customization and personalization at the forefront of Konica Minolta’s offerings, they cater to the ever-growing demand for tailored printing solutions that enable customers to address the increasingly complex requirements of modern-day printing.

Line O Matic

Ahmedabad based Line O Matic having entered into the packaging segment with thelaunch of two new machines in that category.

The STM-125, a full colour reel-to-reel flexo printing machine, is suitable for paper bag manufacturing, flexo/halftone printing, reel-to-reel paper printing and reel-to-reel cup stock printing.

As per specifications, the machine prints at speeds of 200 mtr/minute with paper width of 290-1250mm. It can handle stocks in the range of 45-300 gsm.

The Crown RB200 is a square bottom paper bag machine with high levels of automation. Having a small foot print and a compact design, it is capable of bag width of 80 to 200mm, bag tube length of 190 to 370mm and bag bottom size of 50 to 100mm. It can take bag paper from 45 to 130 gsm.


Minosha India Limited, authorised distributors of Ricoh products in India had a line-up of Ricoh Pro digital presses.

On display were the Mono 8300S, the Leo series with 11 colours, the Ricoh Pr C5300s and of course the advanced Ricoh Pro C7200X.

According to Minosha, the C7200X which features the fifth colour option, other than CMYK, is a game changer in the photo printing market. It offers special colours like invisible red, neon yellow or pink for security printing solutions as well.

Minosha says, they received over 1000 visitors to the stand and got orders for 15 colour machines in the light and mid colour production categories. Orders were also booked for Mono production machines and Wide Format devices.


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